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Wentzel Family

About Wentzel Flying Service

Wentzel Flying Service is a family company owned and operated by owners Guy and Terri Wentzel. They have specialized in personalized cremated remains / ash scatterings since 1985.  Guy Wentzel, owner and founder of the company has been a licensed pilot for over 40 years. Mr. Wentzel is a Commercial and Instrument rated pilot. The company carries a $1,000,000 professional liability insurance policy.

Terri WentzelThe business was formed out of Sacramento, CA where it continues to operate. Wentzel Flying Service has served more than 16,000 families and is trusted by over 350 Funeral Homes Nationwide. We are a full service ash / cremated remains scattering company able to scatter ashes worldwide. Our primary aerial ash scattering locations are in the Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. We also scatter ashes throughout the fifty United States wherever allowed by Law. The California and Hawaiian Coastlines are particularly popular. We can also offer some ash scatterings by boat.

Wentzel Family

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